Lattices (2018-20)

This series of work combines digitally generated pattern and images of nature. Geometric screens both ‘carry’ the image via variation of line width, and distance us from it. The works are balanced: tipping between image (the ‘real’) and pattern (the ‘virtual’) and back again with the movement of the viewer.

Window I, 2018, screenprint on paper mounted on aluminium, 48 x 55 cm
Window II (Wired Glass), 2019, digital print on deep crystal laminate mounted on aluminium dibond, 121 x 154 cm
Window III (Screen Mesh), 2019, laser cut paper, thread, plastic, 28 x 38 cm (paper size)
Window III (Screen Mesh) – installation shot
Untitled, 2019, digital print on matt vinyl mounted on board, 59 x 59 cm
Installations shots from Out of the Woods at Leicester Print Workshop in 2019 (two person exhibition with Serena Jane Smith)
Linear, 2020, HD looping animation. The full size animation can be seen here (opens in a new window and GIF is 26MB so may take time to load).